City Life

The purpose of City Life is to help young people develop attitudes and behavior patterns that allow them to function more constructively in society. The City Life program emphasizes the following:

  • Teaching basic life skills.
  • Providing an opportunity for a relationship with a caring adult role model.
  • Promoting and developing positive self-image through Jesus Christ.
  • Creating opportunities for positive peer group experiences.
  • Sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While all of the Youth for Christ ministries share the same purpose, they meet and interact with students in different areas. City Life meets students in their neighborhood or small community.


For: 5-12th Grade Students

When: Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm

Contact: Amanda Paeglow at

At Albany City Life, we use our City Life Club as a way to build relationships with inner-city youth. Through the process of building relationships we look for opportunities to share Jesus Christ with our youth, with the hopes that they will enter into a relationship with Him and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. As our youth enters into a relationship with Jesus Christ, we look to guide them through this relationship so that we can raise up native leaders in the City of Albany.

Albany City Life Club meets on Thursday Evenings, with youth ranging from 5th-12th grade. Youth arrive at 5:30pm. The evening includes a meal, fun organized games, and a Bible message. After our Bible message we have free time for youth, which allows time for leaders to connect with youth one on one and provides a safe place for our youth to hang out.


For: 6-12th Grade Students

When: Thursdays 5:30-7:00pm

Contact: Tim Moore at

At Cohoes City Life we are building relationships with the youth of Cohoes. Through this relationship building, we are constantly looking for natural ways to show to love of Jesus and to point these kids towards Him. We believe wholeheartedly that a faith in Jesus Christ can change their lives and in turn change the community that they live in. We want to see leaders built up through City Life who will stay in Cohoes to change their community for the better.

Currently, Cohoes City Life Club meets on Thursday evenings and targets kids in 6th-12th grade. We meet at 5:30pm and start with free time where the kids can play video games, board games or just talk, we then eat dinner together, one of the staff or volunteers share a Bible message and then play a large group game to end the night. We are also available throughout the week for the kids that we work with to help them with homework, listen to them if they’re going through something and need someone to talk to, or to just hang out and deepen those relationships.


City Life is an effective ministry model to transform the lives of urban youth, their families and the communities that they live in. The City Life model provides a strategic way to pursue every young person in urban communities all over the USA.

At Schenectady City Life, our focus is to generate and continually build relationships with inner city youth. During this relationship building, our main goal is to help youth begin a new, or strengthen an already existing relationship with Jesus Christ. Once this occurs, we would like to get these youth involved in church in order to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Schenectady City Life wants to produce leaders in our program, leaders in school, and leaders in the community!

Currently there are two ministries that Schenectady City Life is running. Both the Jumpoff and our Drop Off programs begin with free time where the children are free to play sports, play board, games, draw and color, as well as other activities. After free time, there is a time that we all come together and one of the leaders will share a message from the Bible. After the message, then there is an all-inclusive game such as kickball. After the group game, children are dismissed and the program is over.


For: 6-12th Grade Students

When: Tuesdays 6:00-7:30PM

Contact: Arthur Fennicks at

MS & HS Drop Off

For: 6-12th Grade Students

When: Mondays 5:00-7:00PM

Contact: Arthur Fennicks at