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April 12, 2019
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May 10, 2019
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Cast Your Anxieties on Him

In March, four of our ministry sites took part in our winter retreat at Camp of the Woods. We took five middle schoolers from Cohoes City Life and only one of those kids had ever been on a trip with YFC. One of the kids, Phillip, had only attended City Life a couple of times before the trip decided that he wanted to go with us. I had been trying to get Phillip to come to some of our stuff, so I was excited that he chose to come on the retreat with us.

I showed up at the kids’ apartment complex on Friday to pick everyone up and Phillip showed up with a trash bag filled with his clothes, which unfortunately is not uncommon with some of the kids that we work with. I didn’t think anything of it as we packed up our cars and headed on our way. When we got to the camp, we dispersed all of our stuff into our rooms and got settled in. About an hour after we got there, Phillip came up to me to say that he brought the wrong trash bag. The bag he brought only had his coat and a pillow in it and he had left all of his clothes and his medication at home. Thankfully, some people that were with us stepped in and found some clothes that he could at least use on Saturday. We talked to some employees at the camp and during lunch on Saturday one of the front desk workers came to us with a bag of clothes that they had gathered for Phillip.

Other than Phillip forgetting his clothes, he had a great weekend at the retreat. On Saturday morning we had a conversation about giving your cares over to Jesus and in that moment, he decided to give his life to Jesus. Phillip has been to every City Life Club since the retreat and has continued to open up to us more every single week. I pray that he continues to seek after Christ and becomes an agent of change in his community.

-Tim Moore
*Names have been changed