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November 17, 2017
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December 1, 2017
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Breakthrough Moments

I would like to share with you about David. David has been attending our Cambridge Campus Life Club on a regular basis for a while. He’s very shy in nature, but when around familiar people will really open up.

When we first met David we could tell that he struggled with confidence. He would use humor a lot to hide it, but you could tell the uneasiness at Club meetings. I think this is the case with a lot of young people who come in as strangers and are trying to fit in, but when they do, you can really see it. David really likes sports, so I did my best to make it out to a few sporting events and encourage him.

Last year our theme was breakthrough moments. We saw a lot of kids really breakthrough their strongholds and struggles during our times at Club, at Breakout (middle school conference), and other events over this past year. David was no different. He began to really open up, be more vocal as the year went on, and seemed to grow in confidence. David started to become closer to other students who attend Club that are positive influences and we hope this continues. David says that Campus Life played a definite role in helping him gain more confidence in himself as he learned about Jesus and how He loves us no matter what. I believe that as David kept coming to Club and learning more about who Jesus is, it all made sense.

At Cambridge Campus Life we are very open and up front about being yourself at Club. We make it a safe place where people can open up and share. There are no wrong answers, and nothing within reason we will not discuss. As leaders we always make ourselves available before, during, and after Club. We also strive very hard to make it to the events that are important to the kids from concerts, sporting event, and other activities.

Please continue to pray for all of the youth at Cambridge Campus Life as we continue to see God grow the youth!

-Scott Foyle

*Names have been changed