August 23, 2019

Meet Julie

Julie attends Campus Life M in Cambridge. She has been coming to Club since the end of last year. She is a pre-teen girl who loves […]
August 22, 2019

Tee it Up for Kids 2019

August 14, 2019

Banquets – October 24 & 27, 2019

2019 Annual Banquets Dates & Times: October 24, 2019 – 5:30-8:30 pm October 27, 2019 – 1:00-4:00 pm Please join us for an afternoon or evening […]
August 7, 2019

Meet Amy

Amy was invited to Campus Life in 7th grade by a friend. She was a little shy but joined in the games and discussion. As we […]
July 26, 2019

Through Struggles

There are just some students that really grab your attention and really tug at your heart. One of those kids in the Schenectady City Life program […]
July 11, 2019

Transforming Prayers

Lately I’ve been getting rather discouraged with the kids in our ministry. They attend our programs every week, we teach them about life skills, and walk […]
June 28, 2019

“It Gives me Hope”

She took two steps forward and lowered her head allowing her hair to fall forward covering her face. She stood alone for what seemed like an […]
June 13, 2019

Greater Commitment

As the school year winds down, so does our Recreational Climbing Team season. We have had a fun year, learning and improving our skills, and now […]
May 31, 2019

Numbers have meaning. 1,000,000.

I have to admit I tend to lean into numbers. The cold hard facts of a number can be unforgiving like when I step on my […]