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September 8, 2017
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September 22, 2017
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An Unforgettable Summer

Shiloh’s Edge just finished a fantastic summer season of outdoor ministry trips. Several rock climbing trips, two wilderness canoe trips and the completion of the Cranberry Lake trail which offered our team 56 miles of challenging backpacking in a remote section of the Adirondacks.

Looking back on the last few months there are many highlights I will carry with me for a very long time. Attaching the universal sign of surrender to our backpacks during our high school student backpacking trip is one of those memories. We weren’t wearing these white flags in a display of submission to the muddy trail, driving rain or incessant bugs that plagued us. We were wearing these surrender flags as a reminder that God is asking us daily to surrender to Him. Unconditional surrender of our future, our past, our fears and our dreams. Spending 8 hours a day hiking through the wilderness gives you a lot of time to think. We challenged the group to ask God throughout the day what areas of our life we needed to surrender. It was a powerfully humbling experience for us all.

Another one of these life memories was our first ever Shiloh’s Edge father and daughter Adirondack Canoe trip. Four dads each with their middle school age daughter spent three unforgettable days paddling, fishing and exploring a pristine lake deep in the Adirondack wilderness. The goal of the trip was simple. Create an opportunity for dads and daughters to strength their connection with one another while also encouraging the dads in their journey of fatherhood. Earlier this year I had connected with a dozen or more men who are all fathers of adult aged daughters. I asked these guys what would they communicate to a dad who is currently raising a young daughter. The practical and spiritual wisdom they gave me was priceless and sharing it with the dads and girls around a campfire on this canoe trip was a very special moment.

For more information on this ministry or to register for a 2018 parent/student outdoor adventure trip please contact Steve at ShilohsEdge@gmail.com.

-Steve Prettyman