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October 26, 2018
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Alyssa and Jen

Alyssa is a young girl that is a regular at Cambridge Campus Life. She is also the daughter of one of our volunteers and a Christian. A couple of months ago she was put to the test. Another girl, Jen, who has been coming to Campus Life for a while, had gotten herself into a bad situation and was in a bad relationship where drugs became involved. She knew she needed to get away from that environment but did not know how.

One week, after a lesson time at Club, Jen told Alyssa that it was like the lesson was only meant for her to hear. We had talked about being more than your past mistakes, not living in the past and about God’s love and forgiveness. It was during that night that Jen felt convicted and needed someone to talk to which is where Alyssa came in. She pulled Alyssa aside and just let it all out and wanted to know what to do. Alyssa had never been in this situation before and just let God do the talking through her. Through this, Jen was put in touch with a youth leader who follows up with her on a regular basis. Jen has since left this bad situation and thanks Alyssa for being there for her. Please pray for Jen and other students like her, that they would feel God’s love through Campus Life.

-Scott Foyle

*Names have been changed