Campus Life

The YFC Campus Life ministry combines healthy relationships with creative programs to help senior and junior high young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Like every ministry of YFC, Campus Life seeks to engage these young people wherever they are found as life-long followers of Jesus Christ. Campus Life is a place for high school students to have fun, make friends and talk about matters to other high school students. Campus Life provides a balanced approach – physical, mental, social and spiritual – to give teens the skills and hope they need to live in a turbulent world. Campus Life clubs meet in various locations through out the week. Select below or on the side panel for more information about each location.



For: High School Students

When: TBD

Contact: Jackie Nemec at




Bethlehem Campus Life started in September 2015 with the sole purpose of reaching high school students in Bethlehem/Delmar with the love of Christ and to spread the message of Jesus. The site director, Jackie Nemec, and volunteers, are often taking kids out to ice cream, bowling, having movie nights and various other activities during the week. Currently, we are meeting a small group format. This is open to all kids from all different walks of life and backgrounds. For more information, questions about events, getting plugged in as a volunteer, or if you know someone in the Delmar area the Campus Life team should connect with, please email director Jackie at



For: 6-12th Grade Students

When: Tuesdays 6:45-8:15PM

Contact: Scott Foyle at




Cambridge Campus Life club meets on Tuesday nights at 29 W Main St. in Cambridge from 6:45-8:15pm. We start with a time of just hanging out where you can play pool or other games. Connecting with other 6-12th graders and the Campus Life adult leader team is something we value because it takes time to really get to know each other and build strong trusting relationships.

The formal meeting times start with some group games or competitions for fun. Each week there is a topic we deal with, sometimes using video clips, and we have a time to talk about those topics and learn about how God wants to interact with us. All of the things we talk about relate to 6-12th graders. At the end of the club there is food and more time to connect with each other. It’s a great way to make friends and learn how to live an amazing life.

There are special events and activities each year too as well as times to get together and hang out and do fun stuff during the school year besides the club meetings.

Clifton Park


For: 6-8th Grade Students

When: Tuesdays 5:30-7:00PM

Contact: Alexis Hernandez at




Clifton Park Campus Life, is a small group mixed with a Bible Study for Middle schoolers in the Clifton Park area. We are centered on Christ and the life changing power of the gospel. We talk about issues such as identity, fears, heroes of the Faith, and more! Kids get the chance to learn more about how awesome God is, develop lasting relationships with adults and meet new friends! We do group games like basketball, nerf, dodgeball, ga-ga ball, rock climbing, and many other funtastic games! To top it all off there is FREE PIZZA! Contact Alexis Hernandez ( if you would like to know more!



For: 7-12th Grade Students

When: Wednesdays 2:45-4:45PM

Contact: Sherri Hvizdak at


Greenville’s Campus Life Club, EPIC, runs after school on Wednesday’s at the Greenville Public Library (11177 SR 32, Greenville) from 2:45-4:45pm. This after school club is for students, a variety of homeschooled, public and private school kids, from grades 7to 12. We hold our club in the Large Community Room of the Library which opens onto the park area by the Gazebo in the center of Greenville. Plenty of games (indoors and outdoors, weather permitting), snacks, and life lessons from the Bible are the main attractions. Every year has a new theme. This year’s: Love Rules—the 10 Commandments. EPIC students are excited to invite their friends in their quest for fun and to find the deeper truths of life in Christ.

Sherri Hvizdak
Greenville Campus Life Director (EPIC Club)

FaceBook page:  Greenville EPIC Club


For: 9-12th Grade Students

When: Fridays 6:30-8:30PM

Contact: Kevin Post at

Visit HERE for more information and contact information.




Scotia-Glenville Campus Life clubs run on Friday nights when school is in session. If School is cancelled we will not have club that evening. We start out with time for snacks and social interaction between the students. After we spend time catching up with each other, we have “The Talk”. A leader or an occasional guest will share some of their story and how Jesus fits into their life. We end “The Talk” with a time of Q&A.

Most weeks we have a game or two involving some type of challenge or a game that creates an atmosphere conducive to social interaction. We end the night with free time. During the free time the gym is open for sports activity and leaders use this time to further connect with the students. We have board games, some card games (spot it) and leaders do other activities with the kids who do not want to play sports. The free time provides natural opportunities for our leaders to connect with kids in a deeper way without having to pull them aside and fear that other kids are watching them.